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Alison Torba of Pathways Paralegal is a godsend!

We hired Alison to do some Estate documents for us, which she expertly prepared. In addition to Estate law, Alison is experienced in Business law for small business owners such as ourselves. Alison knows the law, makes it available for everyone; and we would wholeheartedly recommend Alison Torba for any of the legal services she provides.

A. Jackson

Would Recommend To A Friend

My husband and I were stressing over our home which we hold in joint tenancy on the deed with his father (who lives with us and is cared for by me). His fathers health is failing and our biggest fear is that we would be out on the street dealing with probate horrors should he pass away. I called Ms. Alison Torba CP AZCLDP and she responded to my call even though it was on a Sunday. She was very courteous and knowledgeable. Within minutes she had dispelled all my fears and concerns and had the appropriate documentation required to assist us with our family dynamic. Her pricing was very very reasonable and she came to our home in order to accommodate grandpa’s inability to travel.

She covered all possibilities for us and even spoke with our title agency to make sure of the wording on our deed. After her home visit for the signing of the needed documents, I received an email the next day confirming that all documents had been sent or filed appropriately and for peace of mind she would retain a digital copy on file for us. I truly recommend this highly efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable young lady to any one needing help with the massive world of legal documentation (knowing that a pricey lawyer would drag out the process and just cost an arm and a leg). Sometimes stepping back and keeping things simple and cost effective is the better way to go when it’s just legal forms. Great resource of legal knowledge and no by the hour charges! A delight to work with.

Jeff Janet Amos

Alison Torba is a Certified Paralegal who believes that all people should have legal counsel and guidance as warranted. To request services from an attorney you can estimate a retainment of 3,000.00 to start. The attorney usually meets with you for an intake and request for documents. Once this happens the legal firm usually relies on paralegals to do the work. The attorney is available by phone and later as a court date is arranged. When your court date comes the attorney joins his/her client to attend a hearing and presents your case. A judge then determines his or her findings. An average divorce with property and children involved could cost 10,000.00 if not more. Since I have gone down that path I realized both monetarily and emotionally I could not endure this again. I happened to ask a friend if she knew anyone that could assist me in filing court papers for a non-contested divorce and was given Alison Torba name and point of contact. This is where my life literally changed. I met with Ms. Torba for an introductory meeting to share my case. She was very knowledgeable and professional in her practice. I agreed to retain her to handle my case. From this point forward I was confident that I would be directed through what could be a lengthy process. During the next five months Alison met with me on three occasions and had me complete numerous forms to validate the divorce process. Alison always was professional and supportive during my divorce process. She was able to provide me with information on child/parenting through the courts. She further directed me to legal resources that explained the divorce process. Although my spouse was initially willing to plead no contest things did change requiring her to be served at the work place. There were also delays with my spouse signing up and taking the child parent class required by the courts. Finally there was a 194.00 appearance fee that was required by my spouse to pay to the courts in order to move the process forward. I should explain that my case as the petitioner and my spouse as the respondent were for joint custody of our five-year old daughter. We had agreed to this along with equal decision making. All assets were divided equally and no debt was noted outside of school loans belonging to my spouse.

November 21st, 2013 was my day in court and short of the wait time everything went well. In fact both the judge and child support clerk felt that my paperwork was well organized and superb.

Alison Torba is a compassionate, focused, and professional paralegal who truly represents her clients. I personally would recommend her to any of my colleagues, friends or family.

Kevin D.

Hello Alison and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your prompt and professional assistance with this matter. I have a number of clients with property in Arizona and I am sure I will be contacting you again for assistance.

Thank you again,

Conly K. Crossley, Petrangelo, Bondy & Crossley, P.C.
Monroe, Michigan

Ms. Torba, It was nice speaking with you this morning and I hope your day was fulfilling. May your services be fulfilling to all your clients!

Thank you, Sincerely,
Elwin Ragsdale

Lookit, I don’t write reviews. I don’t believe in doing things like that, typically, but I had my socks knocked off by Ms. Torba. A+ Five Star, Tip Top bees-knees cat’s meow or whatever works for you, insert the generic positive statement of your choice here, and I personally vouch that it applies.

Jon Musick
SaltWerX Equipment


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