Pathways Paralegal & Mediation is a professional paralegal service providing affordable paralegal and document preparation services for title officers, attorneys, and the public. We are dedicated to delivering technical competence and accuracy with a professional and friendly demeanor.

Tucson Arizona Business Paralegal ServicesOur Paralegal Services for Businesses

Business Start-up and Development

We offer consultation to get the basics in place for a microbusiness, including:

  • Business Plans
  • Paperless office setup
  • Researched, business–specific, human resource manuals
  • Operating agreements
  • Corporate filings including nonprofits
  • And More

Legal Research

  • Discover the current case law for a liability waiver
  • Explore and learn about the laws for your particular licensing or field


  • Judgment renewals
  • Help collecting on a judgment

Residential Real Estate Development

  • Real estate variances
  • Lot splits
  • DDO’s
  • Real estate transfers

We file, pay fees, track deadlines, notarize and record

We keep your costs low by charging by the minute

Pathways Paralegal & Mediation’s business expertise includes real estate zoning; lot splits; transfers; city code issues; debt negotiations; civil cases; asset planning and protection; business start-up and development; researched, business specific, human resource manuals; nonprofit incorporation; and, paperless office setup.

Alison TorbaAlison Torba, CP, AZCLDP

About Our Founder, Alison Torba, CP, AZCLDP

Our founder, Alison Torba, CP, AZCLDP, built a lucrative floral/event planning business for over nine years. She developed new products, designs, marketing strategies, and negotiated sales contracts with outlets.

At Pathways we are continually updating our expertise by staying current with continuing education, consultation with colleagues, and researching legal issues using Lois, Lexis, Westlaw and Cornell’s site.

Contact Alison Torba today at (520) 203-7763 to get started.

Alison Torba’s Specialty Areas

  • Legal Research
  • Corporate Filings
  • Operating Agreements
  • Business Plans
  • Human Resource Manuals
  • Nonprofit Applications
  • Judgment Renewals
  • Collections
  • Rezoning/Variance Filings
  • Paperless Office Consults
  • Real Estate Transfers

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